Zonal Council

Why in News?

The 23rd meeting of the Western Zonal Council was held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat under the chairmanship of the Union home minister.



Zonal Councils

They are statutory bodies, established by the State Reorganisation Act of 1956. The act divided the country into five zones – Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central and provided a Zonal Council for each zone.


i)Home Minister of Union Govt.

ii)Chief Ministers of all the states in the Zone.

iii)Two other ministers from each state in the Zone.

iv)Administrator of each union territory in the Zone.

The Home Minister of the central govt is the common chairman of the five zonal councils. Each Chief Minister acts as a vice chairman of the council by rotation, holding office for a period of 1 yr at a time.


The Zonal Councils aim at promoting cooperation and coordination between states, union territories and the centre. They discuss and make recommendations regarding matters like economic and social planning linguistic minorities, border disputes, inter-state transport etc .


Source-Times of India.