Three Parent Baby

Why in News?

Authorities in the UK have permitted doctors to create the country’s first ‘three-parent’ babies, in a move aimed at preventing passage of incurable genetic diseases from mothers to offspring’s.



Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy

Mitochondrial replacement therapy, which creates “three-parent babies”, involves a portion of the child’s DNA coming from their mother, father and a third person – an egg donor.

The technique lets women with genetic diseases to give birth to genetically-related children, without needing to worry about the disease.

During treatment, the embryo receives the usual DNA from the mother and father, as well as a small amount of healthy DNA from a female donor.

Parts of the cell called mitochondria only hold around 0.1 per cent of a person’s DNA, with no influence over individual characteristics such as appearance and personality.

The mitochondria are separate from the DNA in the cell nucleus, where the vast majority of an individual’s genes are housed.

But women with mitochondrial disease risk passing serious conditions on to their children in spite of this.

Mitochondrial replacement involves removing these diseased mitochondria from the mother and substituting healthy versions from a donor.

The treatment can prevent babies from developing problems with muscle coordination, as well as autism, heart disease, diabetes, and other genetic issues.


Note4Students-The world first three-parent baby was born in Mexico.



Source-The Indian Express.