Session of the Parliament

Why in News?

There has been a delay in summoning the winter session of the Parliament.




Article 85 (1)-The President shall from time to time summon each House of Parliament to meet at such time and place as he thinks fit, but six months shall not intervene between its last sitting in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session.


Article 85 (2)- The President may from time to time

(a) prorogue the Houses or either House;

(b) dissolve the House of the People.



By convention, Parliament meets for three sessions in a year.

  1. The Budget Session, which is the longest is held towards the beginning of the year.(February to May)
  2. Monsoon Session is held from July to September
  3. Winter Session is held in November-December.


The dates for each session are announced at least 15 days in advance.



i) The Government of India Act, 1935, contained a provision relating to the summoning of the legislature in India.

ii)The Drafting Committee of our Constitution improved upon this provision to craft Article 85.

iii)The Constitution that came into force in 1950 required Parliament to be summoned twice in a year, with a gap of no more than six months between its sessions. The First Amendment changed this in 1951, and Article 85 got its present form.



SOURCE-The Indian Express.