Security Check Kiya

Why in news?

Search engine giant Google has launched ‘#SecurityCheckKiya’ campaign in India to create awareness around Internet safety. It was launched on the occasion of Safer Internet Day (6 February).


The campaign aims to protect first-time web users from account hijacking, safeguard Android devices from malicious apps and secure all their personal data if they lose their device.

Google has recommended three simple steps for Internet safety.

It includes reviewing security settings and Google account activity with one click forall Android devices and Gmail users.

The campaign is targeted at young and first-time users to protect themselves from account hijacking.

It is also aimed at shielding Android mobile devices from malicious apps.

Moreover ‘Google Play Protect’ service scans and checks Android devices for any harmful apps.

Find My Device app from Google helps a user to easily locate a lost Android device and keeps the device and information secure, according the firm.