Rules to blacklist Journalists

Why in News?

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has amended guidelines for journalists’ accreditation.



Amended Guidelines

If a journalist is found to have “created and/or propagated” fake news, the journalist’s accreditation will be suspended or permanently cancelled.

On receiving “any complaints of such instances of fake news,”  it would be referred to the Press Council of India if it pertains to print media and to NBA if it relates to electronic media, “for determination of the news item being fake or not”.

Press Council Of India

It is a statutory body in India that governs the conduct of the print media. It is one of the most important bodies that sustain democracy, as it has supreme power in regard to the media to ensure that freedom of speech is maintained. However, it is also empowered to hold hearings on receipt of complaints and take suitable action where appropriate. It may either warn or censure the errant journalists on finding them guilty.

News Broadcasters Association

The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) represents the private television news & current affairs broadcasters.

NBSA administers the Codes of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards, which has been voluntarily drawn by the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) for its member broadcasters to demonstrate their commitment to responsible broadcasting and to self-regulate themselves.


Source-The Indian Express.