Right to convert is part of fundamental right of Choice : SC

Why in News?

The Supreme Court on Monday held that a person’s right to choose a religion and marry is an intrinsic part of her meaningful existence. Neither the State nor “patriarchal supremacy” can interfere in her decision.



Highlights of the Judgement

i)Matters of belief and faith, including whether to believe, are at the core of constitutional liberty. The Constitution exists for believers as well as for agnostics.

ii)The court held that the Constitution protects the ability of each individual to pursue a way of life or faith to which she or he seeks to adhere.

iii)The Constitution guarantees to each individual the right freely to practise, profess and propagate religion.


Constitutional Provisions

i) Article 15 prohibits the state from discriminating between citizens on the ground of religion.

ii)Article 16 prohibits the state from discriminating between citizens in matters of public employment on the basis of religion.

iii)Article 25 gives all persons in the country freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.

iv)Article 26 provides freedom to all religious denominations to establish and maintain institutions for religious purposes, manage its own religious affairs, acquire and administer movable or immovable property.

v)Article 27 states that no person can be compelled by the government to pay taxes for promotion of any particular religion.

vi)Article 325 provides that no person can be ineligible for inclusion in an electoral roll or can claim inclusion in a special roll on the grounds of religion.


Source-The Hindu.