NCRB merged with Bureau of Police Research

Why in News?

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has been merged with another central police organisation the Breau of Police Research (BPRD)  by the government with an aim to improve the efficiency of development works related to policing.

Facts ( for prelims)

1.NCRB- The NCRB was established in 1986 with a mandate to empower Indian police with information technology solutions and criminal intelligence to enable them to enforce the law effectively.

2.It is also implementing the ambitious crime and criminal tracking network (CCTNS)

3.CCTNS- It is a project under Indian government for creating a comprehensive and integrated system for effective policing through e-Governance.The system includes nationwide online tracking system by integrating more than 14,000 police stations across the country.

4.BPRD- Created in 1970,it  is the national police organisation to study, research and develop on subjects and issues related to policing.

5.Both the organisations function under the Union home ministry.


Key Changes

1.BPR&D will oversee all the data collection related to Crime in India, Suicides and Accidental Deaths, Prison Statistics and Fingerprints which was earlier  done by NCRB.

2.The BPRD Director General (DG) will be the head of the merged new entity.

Rationale behind the merger

1.The govt has stated that the merger will,”improve administrative efficiency and optimal utilisation of resources”.

2.It will  boost crime data collection and research efforts of the two organisations.


The major criticsm is that, the two organisation have different functions-

The NCRB is responsible for collecting data related to crimes where as the BPRD primarily focuses on the study and research of development  of policing .Hence it is unclear as to how they are expected to work together.