Minority tag for Hindus: NCM forms committee

Why in News?

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) has formed a three-member committee to look into whether Hindus should get minority status in eight states where they are not the dominant religious group.



National Commission for Minorities (NCM)

i) The Union Government set up the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) under the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992.

ii) Five religious communities- Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) and Jains (since 2014) have been notified as minority communities by the Union Government.


Rationale behind the move

It has been stated that Hindus are being deprived of their basic rights, guaranteed under Articles 25 to 30, in the states where they are the minorities.

Hindus are in a minority in Lakshadweep (2.5%), Mizoram (2.75), Nagaland (8.75), Meghalaya (11.53), J&K (28.44), Arunachal Pradesh (29) Manipur (31.39) and Punjab (38.4).


Constitutional Provisions

Though the Constitution of India does not define the word ‘Minority’ and only refers to ‘Minorities’ and speaks of those ‘based on religion or language’, the rights of the minorities have been spelt out in the Constitution in detail.




Source-The Indian Express.