Karnataka govt. unveils State flag

Why in news?

The Karnataka CM recently released an official State flag.




The Flag has red and yellow horizontal stripes, that signify kumkuma (vermilion) and turmeric, which are considered auspicious.

There is a white stripe in the middle to signify peace and the state emblem, the Gandaberunda, in the centre of the flag in blue

The Gandaberunda is a mythical two-headed bird which was the emblem of the Wodeyar kingdom in Mysuru. It was later adapted as the emblem of Karnataka.

Present status

If approved by the Centre, Karnataka will be the second State to have a flag. The proposal will be sent to the Union Home Ministry for approval since a State has no powers to announce its own flag.

State Flag

There is no provision in the Indian Constitution which bars states from having their own flags. In SR Bommai vs Union of India case, the Supreme Court had declared that federalism is a basic feature of the Constitution and States are supreme in their sphere.

NOTE4STUDENTS-While the Constitution is silent on the issue of states having their own flags, Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in the Indian Union to have a separate flag and Constitution.

There were also reports of Nagaland getting its own official flag as part of the final accord which was expected to be signed by the Union government and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim in 2016.