ISRO sets up Village Resource Centres

Why in News?

To demonstrate the potential of satellite technology for the development of rural areas, ISRO established Village Resource Centres (VRCs) on a pilot scale, in association with selected NGOs, Trusts and State Government Departments.



Village Resource Centres

To provide the space-based services directly to the rural areas, ISRO/ DOS has launched the Village Resource Centres (VRCs) programme in association with NGOs/ Trusts and state/ central agencies.

This is one of the unique initiatives that use Satellite Communication (SATCOM) network and Earth Observation (EO) satellite data in a judicious combination to address the needs of the local people in villages.

VRCs use a combination of SATCOM and EO to reach out to the villages and provides wide varieties of services, like, agricultural advisories, non-formal education, computer education, skill development and so on.


Tele-medicine concept connects the sick people in villages, through VSAT network, to the doctors, who located in cities/urban areas or the Super-speciality hospitals, for providing health services.

The Tele-education uses SATCOM to provide a virtual classroom facility to far-flung villages or remote areas in the country and helps in imparting education to the needy.

Thousands of students receive classroom lectures/talks from selected expert centres that imparts knowledge to the student community.