INS Arihant

Why in News?

Indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant suffered major damage because of possible human error.



 INS Arihant

i)It is India’s only operational ship submersible ballistic nuclear (SSBN) asset , it is the most dependable platform for a second strike given the country’s  “no first use ” on nuclear weapons.

ii)It is modelled after the Russian Charlie class submarine. It can carry about 12  K-15  or Sagarika Submarine Launch Missiles (SLBM) with a range of 750 km with nuclear warheads.

iii)The submarine is designed to use Vertical “Tube Launch Missile”Technology and the Launchers have been manufactured to accommodate the submarine variant of 5,000 km range Agni Missile.


India’s Nuclear Triad

A nuclear triad refers to the nuclear weapons delivery of a strategic nuclear arsenal which consists of three components:

i)Land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs)

ii)Strategic bombers,

iii)Submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).

India is the sixth Nation in the world to possess Nuclear Triad.

i)India Army has a strong arsenal of land-based ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile). It includes Agni series, Prithvi series, Prahar Missile, Shaurya Missile, supersonic Brahmos and subsonic Nirbhay missiles.

ii)Indian Airforce (IAF) operates Jaguars aircrafts which are designed for deep penetration strike and can carry a nuclear bomb. Besides, IAF also has SU 30 MKI and Rafale aircrafts which can also be used to deliver nuclear weapons.

iii)Indian Navy now has its own nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant capable of delivering nuclear weapons.



The purpose of having a three-branched nuclear capability is to significantly reduce the possibility that an enemy could destroy all of a nation’s nuclear forces in a first-strike attack; this, in turn, ensures a credible threat of a second strike, and thus increases a nation’s nuclear deterrence.



Source-The Hindu.