Indigenous technology tested on BrahMos

Why in News?

The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was on Thursday successfully test-fired with an indigenous seeker for the first time.



Seeker Technology

Seeker technology, which determines the accuracy of a missile, is a closely guarded secret. Mastering it is a significant milestone in missile technology and would reduce import dependence.

The seeker was jointly developed by the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, and BrahMos Aerospace.


BrahMos is a joint collaboration between India and Russia. It operates on a ‘fire and forget’principle and is capable of being launched from land, sea, sub-sea and air against the surface and sea-based targets.

It is hailed as world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation. It is a two-stage missile, the first one being solid and the second one being ramjet liquid proponent.

The range of the supersonic missile was initially capped at 290 km as per the obligations of the Missile Technology Control Regime. Since India’s entry into the club, the range has been extended to 450 km and the plan is to hit 600km.

Source-The Hindu.