India Youth Development Index and Report 2017

Why In News?

Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports recently released the India Youth Development Index and Report 2017.





Report /Index Organisation Parameters Rank
Human Development Index UNDP i)life expectancy at birth

ii)Access to knowledge

iii)Standard of living (Per capita income)

i)India ranked 131 out of 188 countries





South Africa-90



Inclusive Development Index and Inclusive Growth and development report World Economic Forum (WEF) The Index is based on 12 performance indicators .


It has three pillars

i)Growth and Development


ii)Inclusion and Inter-generational Equity



India is ranked 60 among the 79 developing countries .


BRIC’s countries: Russia (13th), China (30th) and Brazil (30th)


SAARC countries Nepal (27th), Bangladesh (36th) and Pakistan (52nd).

Sustainable Development Goals Index Produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Bertelsmann Stiftung . It assesses the performance of countries towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals India is ranked 116 out of 157 nations


World Development Report World Bank Each WDR provides in-depth analysis of a specific aspect of Economic Development .


2017 report focused on Governance and Law


2018 report will focus on Education


Global Youth Development Index Commonwealth Secretariat Measures a Countries prospects for young people in

Employment , Education , health , civic and political spheres

India has been ranked 133rd out of 183 countries
World Youth Report United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) It is a biennially recurring flagship publication .


The Report addresses youth development issues around the world




The objective of constructing the India Youth Development Index (YDI) 2017 is to track the trends in Youth Development across the States. The Index enables recognising the high and low performing states, identifies the weak domains and informs the policymakers the priority areas of intervention for youth development in the states.



i)Constructing Youth Development Index for the year 2017 was done using the latest definition of youth as used in National Youth Policy – 2014 (India) and World Youth Development Report of Commonwealth (15 – 29 years) as well as using the Commonwealth Indicators in order to facilitate Global comparison.

ii) In the India Youth Development Index 2017, the first five dimensions are retained same as that of Global YDI e The prospects of young people in employment, education, health , civic and political spheres .


iii) YDI for India adds a new domain, social inclusion, to assess the inclusiveness of societal progress as structural inequalities persist in Indian society.