Fostering AI Ecosystem in India

Why in News?

Niti Aayog has partnered with Google to grow India’s artificial intelligence ecosystem.




AI is going to disrupt the way business is done and India, in particular, is uniquely poised in utilising AI to innovate for social and inclusive good. India is embracing future technologies such as machine learning and AI to augment its capacity in health care, improve outcomes in education, develop innovative governance systems for our citizens and improve the overall economic productivity of the nation.

While announcing the budget, the finance minister had said that NitiAayog will set up a national programme to conduct research and development in frontier technologies such as AI.


About the Partnership

Under the aegis of this program, Google will train and incubate Indian AI start-ups in an accelerator program. These start-ups will be mentored and coached by Google and its affiliates to enable them to better leverage AI in their respective business models, said a statement from Niti Aayog.

Steps Taken by Govt-

i)The Union ministry of electronics and information technology has set up an internal committee to advise the government on a policy on artificial intelligence (AI).

The IT ministry formed four AI committees—citizen-centric services; data platforms, skilling, reskilling and R&D; legal regulatory and cybersecurity.

ii)The government has drawn up a seven-point strategy that would form the framework for India’s strategic plan to use AI.

The strategy includes-

developing methods for human-machine interactions; ensuring safety and security of AI systems; creating a competent workforce in line with AI and R&D needs, understanding and addressing the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI, measuring and evaluating AI technologies through standards and benchmarks.

iii)The commerce ministry had formed a task force under IIT Madras’s V. Kamakoti to explore possibilities to leverage artificial intelligence for ‘India’s economic transformation’.