Border pact between India and Myanmar

Why in News?

Myanmar has indefinitely deferred signing an agreement with India to streamline the free movement of people within 16 km along the border.




Earlier this year, the Union Cabinet had approved the agreement between India and Myanmar on land border crossing to enhance economic interaction between people of the two countries.

India-Myanmar Border

India and Myanmar share a 1,643 km unfenced border along Arunachal Pradesh (520 km), Nagaland (215 km), Manipur (398 km) and Mizoram (510 km) and permit a ‘free movement’ regime up to 16 km beyond the border.


Border management in this region is important because of -Security threats from insurgent groups, illegal activities such as smuggling, Illegal immigration etc.

Border Pact

The agreement was an “enabling arrangement for the movement of people” across the India-Myanmar border, designed both to facilitate regulation and harmonization of the movement of people and to provide connectivity and enhance interaction between those from India’s northeastern states and the people of Myanmar.

To give it shape, the Centre had asked four States — Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram — that share the unfenced border with Myanmar to distribute “border pass” to all the residents living within 16 km from the border.

The domiciles were to be allotted border passes and those going across for agriculture, work or to meet relatives should carry the pass at all times.


Source-The Hindu.