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Hello All we at Officers IAS Academy always try to give as much support as we can to students so that they come out in flying colours. This 60 day plan is also one such Initiative and we hope that this might benefit each and everyone who takes up this.
This Plan might be a Path Reckoner for students who strictly adhere to it. The Plan Contain the following details:-
1. Starts from 4th of March and stretches till May 24 2018.
2. It tries to covers each and every part of the syllabus. We have split for you the subjects into various parts so that it will help you to cover each and every Subject appropriately.
3. We have come up with an idea that there should be a day for revision so that whatever read at that week doesn’t forgotten, and also to have a check on how far the student is obtained the resources within him, We have planned to conduct test on each day comprising of the topics of that day and Every week a Compiled test of that week’s Test.
4. Weekly Test will happen every Friday and Revision Day will be on Saturday. So that after every Test Students can assess themselves where they are lacking behind and where they have to concentrate more.
5. Daily Test and Weekly Test will be uploaded in our Current Affairs Website –
6. After every Weekly Test we will also try to guide students on where they are lagging behind or try to understand why they find difficulties and also provide them with valuable feedbacks for their doubts.
7. Daily Test will be uploaded every day Evening by 8 and Weekly Test will be uploaded by 11 in the Morning.
TO register for this plan you can mail us with your Name, Contact Details and UPSC Registration ID. This plan is Free of Cost.

To Sign up for our Current Affairs Class room session, you can click the link below.



Mail ID – hemanthgburad@gmail.com


60days planner – Day 1

60days planner – Day 2

60days planner – Day 3

60days planner – Day 4

60days planner – Day 5

60days planner – Week 1

60days planner – Day 6

60days planner – Day 7

60days planner – Day 8

60days planner – Day 9

60days planner – Day 10

60days planner – Week 2

60days planner – Day 11

60days planner – Day 12

60days planner – Day 13